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  • Model: DTE4A2030
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Size&Weight Working area 2000*3000*900mm (4 axis ±90°)
Package size 2150*4500*2200mm
Gross weight 3700Kg
Accuracy Positioning accuracy 0.01mm
Repeatalibity accuracy ±0.015mm
Control system   Syntec, Ncstudio, Siemen, Fanuc
Spindle Spindle type 9kw HSD ATC spindle
Spindle speed 24000RPM
Tool Change Automatic Tool holder change, 8 PCS Linear Magazine
Table structure Material hold down T-slot and vaccum
Transmission system Driving system Yaskawa, Panasonic, Siemens or Fanuc servo system
Transmission system TBI Ball screw, Helical Rack and Hiwin square rail
Max. travelling speed X, Y=35m/min
Lubrication Automatic Automatic lubrication system
Power source   220V or 380V, 3 phase (50/60 Hz)
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