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3-Axis CNC Router

CNC woodworking machine with high speed, high precision and high efficiency. Machines are mainly used in mahogany furniture, solid wood furniture, panel furniture cutting carving, relief and hollow sculpture.

4-Axis Working Center

Heavy and durable structure, carousel ATC magazine, Italy HSD spindle, Japanese YASKAWA servo, suitable for siding milling, drilling, lock slot, can process various kinds of curved surface.

EPS Working Center

Heavy, durable large structure with gantry moving, high-strength steel welding, strict aging treatment; imported machinery parts, high-precision drive system. Apply to the foam model processing of automotive stamping moulds, casting mould and lost foam mould, sculpture and sculpture processing.

Automatic Nesting Solution

Professional for panel furniture. Carousel ATC magazine, boring system; professional software for panel furniture, double vacuum working table, automatic loading and unloading function, cutting, drilling, milling groove. High speed, high efficiency.

Metal Mould Machine

Heavy cast iron structure, suitable for all kinds of small and medium-sized metal mold carving milling, positioning drilling, shoe making, automotive and electronic components processing and so on.

Laser Marking Machine

Fiber laser cutting, wide range of adjusting height, independent and sealed cabinet, precision translation cable, nonstandard special tools and flying marking production line.

CNC Plasma Machine

Adopts USA plasma generators and Chinese well-know control system. It is mainly used in cutting medium-thickness carbon steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metal sheets with high precision and high efficiency.

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