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Jinan DragonTech Co., Ltd. devotes to design, research and development, manufacture and sales of precision CNC equipments for many years. Products include Automatic Nesting Solution, five-axis machining centers, woodworking machining centers, metal cutting and milling machining centers and so on, widely used in panel furniture, solid wood furniture, metal CNC machining and other industries. Adopts well-known foreign spare parts to produce high-precision products!  More >>

Product recommendation

E Series – EPS Working Center

Stable and heavy structure, high-speed and high efficiency, suitable for all kinds of casting mould, foam mold, sculpture and so on.

W Series - 4-Axis Woodworking Center

Spindle rotation 180 degrees, Carrousel Tool Change System with 12-16 tools, suitable for siding milling, drilling, lock slot, can process various kinds of curved surface. High precision, fast, to meet the various requirements of surface processing.

M Series- Metal Working Center

Heavy cast iron structure, suitable for all kinds of small and medium-sized metal mold carving milling, positioning drilling, shoe making, automotive and electronic components processing and so on.

W Series – 4-Axis CNC Lathe Working Center

Suitable for furniture, cabinets processing.

C Series - Automatic Nesting Solution with boring

Highly automated nesting solution with automatic loading and unloading system. The complete work cycle of loading, nesting, drilling and unloading is carried out automatically, which results in maximum productivity and zero down time.

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